Great Lakes Sled Dog Association



The Great Lakes Sled Dog Association is a family oriented club whose members own and race sled dogs.  GLSDA's primary activity is to organize and operate competitive sled dog races throughout the state of Michigan.  Other activities include training sessions, social gatherings and club meetings.

Sled dog races are held on weekends in January and February.  GLSDA races are sprint races, where adult drivers with 4, 6, and 8 dog teams race on four to eight mile loop trails.  Teams are started at one minute intervals and race for a recorded time.  Teams run the same trail twice, once on Saturday and once on Sunday.  The times from each day are added together to determine the final placement within a class.

Adult race classes include; All-Breed and Registered Breed purse classes, and Sportsman trophy classes.  The weekend also features 1, 2, and 3 dog junior class races.

GLSDA races are sanctioned by ISDRA, the International Sled Dog Racing Association.  Both adult and junior drivers can earn points to compete in ISDRA Medal Programs.

Races are often associated with local community activities such as winter carnivals or sporting events.   We are always looking for new race sites and sponsors.
GLSDA races are open to the public at no cost.  Spectators are encouraged to meet the dogs and drivers, watch the teams run, and learn about sled dogs and racing.